Sunday, February 14, 2010

Editorial in today's Waco Tribune Herald

This is an EXCELLENT editorial that can be found at

EDITORIAL: After Matt Baker case, law should require deaths undergo autopsy before ruled suicide

"But what if the Dulins hadn’t been so driven in their efforts to reopen the case? What if the death of Kari Baker — drugged, then suffocated to death by her husband — had been allowed to fall through the cracks, with little in the way of an inquest or meaningful investigation? How many cases, we now wonder, are missed because they lack determined advocates such as the Dulins?"

"Tom and Jan Purdy, of Waco, friends of the Dulins and privy to their uphill battle to reopen the investigation, are now pushing what they and others call “Kari’s Law,” which would require autopsies in such cases rather than leave the decision to authorities who are possibly overburdened with yet other duties (including issuing warrants, conducting marriages or setting bail) or are simply ill-equipped to make these critical decisions themselves."

"The idea certainly rates thoughtful consideration by lawmakers, especially considering that justices of the peace are elected positions, occupied by individuals who range widely in terms of competence, wisdom and knowledge. Many are excellent, some are not. And many do have other taxing duties." (read more)

Please click on the link and read the editorial. It's hard to pick just a couple quotes from such a richly written article.

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Shari said...

To the Purdy's - THANK YOU FOR Kari's Law!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wonder if it should also require that an investigator or detective be required to come to the scene and order necessary documentation (photos,evidence such as the wine cooler bottles, etc) to be assessed so that that vital information would be preserved if an autopsy raised concerns. Seems as it was, we had patrol officers and their supervisors (on phone, if memory serves me correct) but the training of a detective or investigator is more fine tuned. Just thinking aloud here.
BRAVO TO PURDY's, Shannon and the quiet voices in the background!!!!!!!