Friday, February 26, 2010

Custody: Gentry & Baker

Unlike in Baker case, custody of children left after Gentry murder conviction appears settled
Tommy Witherspoon

Once again, Matt not following proper procedure. If he'd finally admit his attorney knows more about the law that he does, he might get more of what he wants. But he continues to insist on doing it his way:

"Former Central Texas minister Matt Baker tried this week to file a motion to transfer venue of the custody fight between his parents and his wife’s parents from Waco to Kerrville.

But, Baker did not submit a filing fee or proper affidavit alleging his indigence, so McLennan County District Clerk Karen Matkin was unable to file his motion." (read more)

Gracious, Darlene and Matt do have quite a bit in common. She still won't accept her guilt and punishment three years after being found guilty and sentenced to 60 years.

"Gentry was caught on videotape trying to retrieve the pistol she threw into a pond near Axtell after shooting her husband as he slept. Their three sons were asleep down the hall.

She filed a state motion for writ of habeas corpus Tuesday, alleging she was wrongfully convicted, did not receive a fair trial and is unlawfully imprisoned." (read more)

I think Gentry's attorney, Damon Reed, gets a little ahead of himself with this quote:

“In comparing our case to the Baker situation, I believe that the parent and grandparents involved put the children ahead of their own personal issues to get the matter settled and to keep the matter out of court,” Reed said. “They should
all be commended for it. At this point, it is a grandchild issue. It is not a murder case.” (read more)

Darlene was sentenced over 3 years ago, and that was 5 years after the murder. What part of it taking 3+ years to work out a custody arrangement is to be applauded? What has happened in the 3+ years getting to this point? Also, Mr. Reed, if you don't know the parties and circumstances involved, I don't think it prudent to take the "high horse" stance. I'm open to more info. But this bit sounds braggy.....without warrant.

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