Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Very good day in court

I will get my notes together and post my experiences in a bit. So far, is the only news report out on it. So I'll post that to get things started.

DEVELOPING: Matt Baker's pre-trial underway
by Zlatko Filipovic

"WACO - The former preacher accused of murdering his wife and trying to make
it look like suicide is having his first day in court Wednesday morning. Matt Baker showed up for a pre-trial hearing and his full trial is set to begin on January 12th. News Channel 25 is in the court and this is what happened so far:" (read more)

Their website says they will have more information on the Texas Report at 11:00 am, Channel 25, KXXV.

Story has now popped up on

Murder Trial Of Former Waco-Area Pastor Matt Baker Could Take 2 Weeks
Eli Ross

"WACO (December 30, 2009)—The trial of former Waco-area pastor Matt Baker, who was indicted murder in the death of his wife, could take two weeks, 19th District Judge Ralph Strother said Wednesday during the final hearing before the start of the trial on Jan. 11."


"Strother denied a defense request Wednesday for a transcript of the grand jury testimony of Baker’s former girlfriend Vanessa Bulls, but granted a defense motion seeking additional funds for an investigator." (read more)

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