Thursday, December 31, 2009

Here's to 2010 !!

Hope everyone has a safe and wonderful New Years. Lots to look forward to in the coming year. God bless you all!

As a possible, maybe witness for the State, the gag order imposed on lawyers, parties of the case and witnesses has finally reached out to me. So in order to not risk predjucing anything, I will have to hold off all reports and commentaries until the end of the trial. But then, look out! I'll make up for lost time.

In order to keep up with what the news stories, I'll link you up to the local news sources. They'll be covering it all along the way. Just check it each day during the trial. I might be able to link news links/titles along the way, but not sure now. So here goes: <----Check daily for Erin Quinn's live blog.

Watch the trial live on MYTX. My Texas Television is on Channel 9.2, which is also local cable Channel 132.

You can also watch the trial live at

Let's chat on the "other side."
FYI: By "other side," I mean after the trial.



Anne said...

Can you have someone post for you during the trial.... a guest blogger?

Sadie said...

I'll bet Kari would be honored to know that you are called as a witness in this case, Shannon.

Thank you for helping to give her a voice when hers has been so heinously silenced.

Thank you for all you have done for the family's cause --- the cause for JUSTICE for Kari Lynn, who was their precious daughter/aunt/sister/cousin/niece/etc.,

...and for JUSTICE for your son's gifted teacher
... the other teachers' able and spirited coworker
... the dear friend of many
... the confidante, encourager, and wise advisor to many more
... the compassionate voice of comfort to those who were troubled...
... the inspiration and prayer-warrior for those with whom she shared her faith
... the spirit-lifter and joke-teller who lives on so vibrantly in the hearts of so many

...and let's not forget, the beloved and loving mother to two little girls who were tragically left behind to be confused, manipulated, and exploited by the man who destroyed their mother and life as they knew it.

Thank you for the links to the local news sites. I have bookmarked them and will be following closely. More and more people across the country are hearing about this long-awaited trial and praying along with her family and friends for Justice.

The silence is over, and you can hear the justice rolling this way! Getting closer, getting louder. Together we pray, after waiting for so long, for...

Justice for Kari.


P.S. Here's to "the other side," Shannon.
(LOL, We knew what you meant!) :D

Shannon said...

Probably not. "They" could always say it was still me anyway. Can't take any chances. I'm sure there will be lots of comments and discussions on the news sites comment areas so others will still have a place to voice their opinions and not be under my roof. Better than nothing. Thanks for your support, Anne!

Shannon said...

My sweet "not yet met" friend, your beautiful and eloquent words touch my heart again and again. You have been such a wonderful prayer warrior for Kari, her family and for me. God bless you over and over! Hope we get to meet someday in person to honor Kari's justice!

Anonymous said...


Linda said...

Thank you to everyone who has supported us in our journey for truth and justice these almost four years. Please keep our granddaughters in your prayers. I can't imagiine what they must be going through right now. If only all of this weren't necessary. If only.....

I trust God. I pray for His protection for Kensi and Grace. He has shown us so much grace and mercy. I know he will shower it on my precious granddaughters. I praise Him!

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Shannon said...

Well, thanks Anonymous. LOL Are you the unknown location person that's been on the blog for 2.5 hours? ;)

JFK said...

Shannon, are you able to post links to stories on the trial? This was in today's Trib.

jfk said...

Here is another story in today's news.

We are going to help you,
Shannon, until you are "ungagged." lol.


little helper said...

Well, he made another list. He is in good company here. Birds of a feather.

Shannon's little helper :)

Debbie said...

Shannon, i would like to say keep up the good work, your doing a awesome job, Kari would be very proud of you and i'm sure you hear that all the time, It helps me because the family is so busy with whats going on , I'm Kari's cousin from Minnesota, and this is how i keep up, also my brother David & his wife. And yes, i have my bumper sticker. ( JUSTICE FOR KARI )

Linda said...

Debbie, how are you!! I would love to "talk" to you. You can email Shannon through this blog and give her your email; she can pass it on to me. Thank you for keeping up with everything in Minnesota. Much love, cousin!

Anonymous said...

Here is a link from today's article in the Waco Trib:

JMM said...

From the Trib article - Gray's own thoughts and words throughout his representing Baker:

"In addition to local and state news coverage, the Baker case has attracted the interest of national TV news magazines “20/20” and “48 Hours.” It was Guy James Gray, a Kerrville attorney who is co-representing Baker, who invited local, state and national media to interview Baker in December 2007. Gray told the Tribune-Herald that no questions for his client were off-limits. Baker discussed, in detail, the night of his wife’s death, allegations of infidelity and researching online how to kill someone with sleeping pills."

Gray invited, LOCAL, STATE and NATIONAL media into this. And he says nothing is off limits INCLUDING the allegations of infideltiy. Or did I misread that?

Anonymous said...

you read it right and I understand that Mr. Gray will not defend anyone who will not take the stand in their own defense. That should make the trial very interesting. Mr. Gray asked to be removed from this case due to a "serious and material breach of confidence," but Matt said he wants Gray to stay on as his attorney. Rut-roh. I think attorneys don't like to lose and perhaps Mr. Gray wants off this sinking ship. (?)

I know this is a very petty observation, but what in the world did any woman ever see in Matt Baker? He is such a toad! He claims that he was shopping for "love potions" at the online pharmacies because his and Kari's love life had dwindled. Well, duh! I'd have him just look in the mirror. Over the counter "love potions" aren't gonna' fix that problem. (Sorry. I know that is just plain mean, but what an arrogant toad he is.)

I'm from the Kerrville area and I will be surprised to see many Matt-backers at the trial. He's just not worth the trip. If I go, I will be scrambling for a seat behind the Dulins.

Justice for Kari.

Anonymous said...

Sunday's Trib:

Anonymous said...

Did you all read any of the JP inquiry documents? Apparently that "TOAD" told one of the responders he wanted his wife's body "donated to science." Who would think of that half an hour after you just discover her death?
Nobody who was consumed with grief, I'd say...

Sadie said...

To Anonymous from Kerville,

I think I love you. LOL

(Yeah, what Anonymous said!)

It's been a long time coming, but those evil deeds done in darkness are finally shriveling and dying in the glaring light of TRUTH. It took forever to get to this day... but it was inevitable.

The "toad's" clock is ticking...


He's toast.



Mary S. said...

I hope it's OK to post this update. Read blog at:

Well, the hearing for the change of venue is over and it seems that the defense witnesses (three women who knew each other and at least one of whom knew Matt Baker) were not enough to convince the judge that Waco won't give Matt a fair trial. Matt's attorney whined about the Waco Tribune article of January 6th, 2010 which spelled out that the prosecution would show that Matt had sexually harassed at least a dozen other women and that he was having an affair at the time of Kari's murder. Isn't Mr. Gray the one who invited every news outlet to interview Matt and declared that no question was off limits? Maybe all these hidden (and documented) sexual attacks are the "serious and material breach of confidence" that Mr. Gray was concerned with(?)

Mr. Gray was also put out because of all the "Justice For Kari" bumper stickers! Glad he noticed.

The defense also asked for a third time to hand over Vanessa Bull's grand jury testimony and was denied a third time.

This case has had so much national media attention that I don't think it would make a bit of difference to try it in Travis county (Austin.) In fact, he would not be able to include all the loyal Baptists of Waco in the jury pool if the trial was moved and Austin is a very down to earth place where fakers and wife-murderers are despised all the more if they are men of the cloth. I think the defense should just be happy and get on with it. No point in bringing hardship to all involved in the case by moving the trial.

Jury selection is to begin tomorrow and the trial is expected to go on for two weeks.

Justice for Kari is close at hand.

Anonymous said...

It has been many, many months since I posted anything, but I have been keeping up with all the news on the website.

Justice for Kari begins in less than 24 hours. Praise God!


Kervillian for Truth said...

Does anyone know if CourtTV (or In Session on TruTV) will be broadcasting this trial? Today it was a case about a man on trial regarding dead cats - so surely Kari's murder trial is more important, no?

Jury selection didn't take long. Frankly, I think Mr. Guy James Gray is resigned to seeing this through, but something clearly happened that he is NOT happy about. I can't help but wonder if Matt has been lying to his attorneys for two years and finally 'fessed up (possibly about the affair with Ms. Bulls.) Attorneys never want to be the last to know. Makes it darned tough to prepare a defense, a week before trial. Who knows, maybe Mr. Gray advised Matt to seek a plea bargain and Matt refused. This odd request of Mr. Gray is the one thing that has me so curious. Why in the world would this attorney, who is working pro-bono because he is "so sure that Matt is being railroaded," ask to be allowed to quit in the last days before trial? Doesn't make sense to me.

So, eight women and four men on the jury. I'm Methodist, so does anyone know if there is some "code of honor" among Baptists to protect the clergy at all costs? Does anyone have an opinion about the make up of the jury? I would think that women would smell the rat way ahead of men, but I am not tuned into the Waco culture.

Hope it's OK for us to keep using Shannon's blog while she is not able to comment. If not, please just let me know.

Justice for Kari

Mary S. said...

Jury selected and described here:

Four people with medical backgrounds (two nurses) and two school employees are among the 12 jurors selected. I would think that nurses will have some idea about how long it takes for death to come from an overdose of sleeping pills, lividity to set, etc. I would hope that the school workers would hold teachers in high regard, generally. There were five people selected who said they had not heard "anything" about the case. I'm sure they're telling the truth, but could that be? I'm glad to have that many people who have not heard about the case because I do believe the evidence is compelling and I would never want appellate error in the trial.

Well, tomorrow is opening arguments and the race is on. I sure hope the trial will be televised - even if not in real time. It is almost impossible to understand how a jury comes to their verdict without being able to hear and see the evidence presented in court.

Justice for Kari.

Sadie said...

Saw the Dulins in court on TV...

They look like they are in so much pain... but so determined...

God Bless them.

Justice for Kari.

Anonymous said...

I AM SO OUTRAGED! HE LIED! HE SAT THERE FOR YEARS EVEN LAST WEEK SAYING KARI WAS THE LOVE OF HIS LIFE AND THEN LET HIS ATTOURNEY TELL US (WHAT WE KNEW) IN OPENING STATEMENTS! He should have turned to the Dulins and apologized from the depths of his heart, but he had that sheepish smug, I'm gonna beat this look the whole time! UUUGGGHHH!

How can Matt just sit there all smug while his attourney stands there telling us what we have all known. HE WAS HAVING AN AFFAIR! He is a liar and a killer.

Kerrville for Justice said...

Yes, Anonymous,

I also felt that same sense of outrage and indignation. Can you imagine how his attorneys felt? This must've been the "serious and material breach of confidence" that developed and which made them want to bail out of this case. Here are two attorneys who apparently believed in Matt Baker enough to take the case pro-bono. Matt was swearing up and down that he never had an affair with Ms. Bulls and a week before trial, this hard-headed toad of a man admits that he was sleeping with Ms. Bulls, and he can probably guess what Ms. Bulls will testify to. This must've been the ultimate, "Oh shi*!" moment for Mr. Gray. It's probably not much fun to defend this narcissistic, slimey, obese adulterer. No wonder Mr. Gray asked multiple times for transcripts of Ms. Bull's grand jury testimony. He knows his client is a big-time liar and the only truth he's going to get is out of the prosecution witnesses. Cry me a river! People who know Matt Baker have NOT come running to his defense.

I have no words for the outrage I feel about the damage Mr. Baker is doing to the Christian faith. I'm sick and tired of seeing his story on websites like "ex-Christian dot net" and lists of "preachers gone bad." Faith is such a beautiful thing and to trample on it with his sense of "preacher-entitlement" is criminal in itself. If he ever thought he was doing God's work, he can now pat himself on the back for all the ammunition he has supplied to anti-Christians. Way to go, Matt. With ministers like you, who needs the devil?

A_News_Junkie said...

Internet LIVE COVERAGE: They will have a red banner to click here for the live coverage. Also tell readers: you might have to download microsoft silverlight.

SG said...

I was watching the trial on-line yesterday. When Gray said those words, that his client had an affair with Vanessa Bulls and they lied to everyone to cover it up, I thought I was hearing things. I was shocked. In my head I knew itan had known it for so long, but to hear it confirmed after all this time... I could not believe he just said it, like it was not that big of a deal.

Later I realized it will not impact the jury the way it did me. They haven't heard Matt on TV gush falsely about his wife for almost 3 years. They have not read the comments of his defenders saying how innocent his relationship was with Vanessa. The Jury will not get the full impact of that lie, at last not right away.

I would have thought that I personally would have felt some relief at the admission if the affair. I really thought I would. But I didn't. I just felt sick inside, like you would feel when you dream something awful has happened and you wake up to realize, it was not a dream.

He lied. Carrie knew something was wrong. He killed her. And he has her girls. I feel sick.

Something in me sobered up yesterday when Mr. Gray confirmed the affair. This was such an ugly, horrible thing that happened. So many people were hurt, cut to their core, by Matt's actions that fateful April.

Yes, I want Justice for Kari... and Kensey, and Gracie, and Linda, and Jim, and Adam, and the sweet courageous Aunts & cousins, and the many friends... and I want justice for Matt and for Vanessa.

But yesterday more than ever I realized justice is just a means to an end. We need justice, so that there can be healing. Healing for everyone.

I apologize for sounding like Debbie Downer here. The ugly reality of what happened to Kari just hit me again today and sent me running to the Father begging for healing. He is the great Healer afterall.

Today I'm praying for the families affected by this trial, for the ugly truth to come out, for justice to be served, and for God's healing to mend all the hearts involved.

Courage friends, it's going to be a rocky but victorious week in the fight for justice!

SG said...

For the out of state/out of town people. Yesterday the trial was on channel 132 locally. I was also able to watch live streaming of the trial on

Anonymous said...

Ooooooohh! Jennifer Monsey just turned up the heat on Matt's chair. The defense didn't want to ask her any questions.

I cannot understand the thought process of Matt Baker. Did he just think all the people who knew and loved Kari were going to act the way he did? Namely - Out of sight, out of mind? Two weeks it took him to wipe away photographs and personal belongings of his daughters' mother. Two weeks to replace those photos with his new love interest. Did anyone do a DNA test on Vanessa Bulls child to see if Matt Baker is the father?

The most painful part of the testimony for me so far, was Jennifer Monsey's description that when her brother and Matt allowed the girls to "dress them up," Matt and Vanessa brought Kari's shoes out and Matt wore them as part of his "costume." OMG. That is so beyond anything normal. I still can't get rid of my Dad's shoes and he's been gone for three years. Just something very personal about a person's shoes.

I've never considered myself a prude, but honestly, Matt Baker's demeanor is shocking to me. He is an animal. Poor, poor Kari. I feel sick to my stomach right now and my eyes are leaking.

Anonymous said...

By the way, for anyone who is allowed to watch the courtroom testimony, it is being streamed live by KCEN-TV. See Matt. See Matt squirm. See Guy. See Guy roll his eyes at Matt. See Matt squirm.

Sadie said...

Linda Dulin, you ROCKED today.

I know Kari is proud of her mama.

We are all proud of you. What an incredible job you did on the stand. Your testimony was full of the strength of character and faith that has seen you through the past several years... your spirit shone through and so did Kari's. Most of all, the TRUTH shines through, so brightly it will stop the killer/liar in his tracks, like a deer caught in the headlights.

As expected, Matt is getting his butt nailed to the wall by the very able prosecution... and mostly by the lies that have spewed out of his own evil mouth for all this time.

God Bless the Dulins, God Bless Shannon, and God Bless all of Kari's friends, family, and supporters. It has been such a long road. Stay the course, and continue to trust.

*** Justice for Kari ***

Mary S. said...

I hope the prosecution is way smarter than I am, but is there some reason they asked the expert about crushing Unisom pills instead of the soft gels that were found next to the bed? It seems that it would be a lot easier to hide the liquid inside those gel caps than the powder of crushed tablets. Perhaps they will leave it for an "A HA!" moment for the jury(?) I hope it won't matter, but I went back to the 48 Hours show to look at the photos of the Unisom bottle and it clearly shows gel caps - not tablets.

Anonymous said...

Mary S., the crushed pills Matt put in her drinks were the crushed Ambien. I think if you have that very finely crushed and powdered, you could easily hide 2-4 Ambien in a drink. The ME said that as well.

But you do bring up a great point. Since there was nothing in Kari's stomach but a little bit of green matter, there were no Unisom and/or Unisom gel casings. None. Good point.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Shannon, for posting the clickable links. It will make it so much easier to follow the trial this week. With the live streaming video, our intercessory prayers can be more timely. Now calling all prayer warriors...Front and Center!!


Mary S. said...

Vanessa Bulls' testimony made me sick and made me cry...but I believe her. If only she would've told someone and saved Kari's life. This is the first time I've cried for someone I've not met. Most horrible thing I've ever heard and I don't know if I can bear more. How have the Dulins held up for four years? God bless you nice folks. I know Kari is so proud of you for being tenacious and exposing her strength when she cannot. Thank you for showing her daughters that they were loved and were not abandoned.

SG said...

Erin M wrote this about the case this past weekend. I almost missed it. Thought some of you would want to hear what she had to say, even though we now know what Vanessa had to say.

SG said...

AND there was this from Eyes for Lies

Wen said...


Justice for Kari.

Leeser said...

Praise the Lord!! Justice for Kari...finally!!! God Bless Linda Dulin, her family, and the girls!

Mary S. said...

God heard our prayers. Praise His name! I had prayed to accept the jury's verdict, no matter what, and this verdict is easier to accept than the alternative. Thank you, God. Thank you to the Dulins. Thank you Shannon. God started a good work in you and He saw it to fruition.

I am praying, as I was taught to do, for Matt and his family too. I don't know what God's plan is for Matt, but God knows. I pray for God's will to be done.

Thank you, Lord.

OMH said...

The Jury found Matt GUILTY!!!!!!!! Praise God from whom all blessing flow!

Outnumbered 4 to 1 said...

Guilty! Praise the LORD they found him Guilty!!!!!!


SG said...


GUILTY may be the prettiest word I have ever heard!

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I would pay anything to have this Johnny Cash song piped into his cell tonight! :)

God bless you Shannon!
God bless Jim and Linda!
Oh it's finally here! Justice! Justice for Kari!!!!

Julie Janik said...

Exodus 14:14 "The Lord will fight for you while you keep silent." Today, there was justice.

Anonymous said...

GUILTY! Finally...Justice for Kari...peace for a sweet precious angel. I pray for the day Kensi and Grace are with Linda and Jim.

All my love to the Dulins and Dodsons...thank you for never ever giving up and fighting for the truth.


Melissa said...

I just wish they could prosecute Vanessa. I guess they wouldnt have gotten Matt without her, but maybe Kari wouldnt have died without her having been around. She is a shady lady.

A. said...

This verdict and the sense of justice that goes with it is the best news possible.

My thoughts are with you all, while you process the terrible things you heard in the courtroom. Earthly justice can never mend the evil that was done to this innocent woman and all who loved her.

Mary S. said...

65 YEARS !!! As far as Matt is concerned, there is no difference between that and a life sentence - he won't be eligible for parole for thirty years - same as if a life sentence.

Shannon, I know you've been the most dedicated friend during this, but some of us on the trial blog would like to donate to a fund to help the Dulins offset their costs for this trial over the past four years. Is there such an account? Thanks - you've been a faithful friend to Kari's family. God bless your son!

Anonymous said...

I wanted to point out the commenters section of the Waco Tribune blog by Erin Quinn..on the 20th as we waited for the verdict and the night got later and later a poster called Prayer ask for all to pray for the case at 9:40 together. At 9:40 a poster commented VERDICT.. Was truly awsome to see Gods power..

I believe it was Mary that pointed out this later in the blog.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to point out the commenters section of the Waco Tribune blog by Erin Quinn..on the 20th as we waited for the verdict and the night got later and later a poster called Prayer ask for all to pray for the case at 9:40 together. At 9:40 a poster commented VERDICT.. Was truly awsome to see Gods power..

I believe it was Mary that pointed out this later in the blog.