Friday, September 4, 2009

More on the postponement

Murder trial for former Baptist minister Matt Baker pushed back to January
Tommy Witherspoon

"The unavailability of the medical examiner who performed an autopsy on Kari Baker has forced the postponement of Matt Baker’s murder trial." (read more)
While I hate to have a delay in getting down to the business of justice, it's better to wait until all the prosecution's experts and witnesses can be there to give their testimony. This medical examiner must have really good stuff that the DA's office wants the Judge and jury to hear. So all in all, it's a good thing. reports: Matt Baker Murder Trial Reset for 2010
"The medical examiner also reported there was evidence she had been smothered." (read more)
Very interesting. Evidence. Smothered.


Anonymous said...

Evidence has a funny way of rising to the top, doesn't it? Cannot wait to hear more.

Peggy said...

I'm sure everyone is getting impatient for justice in this case. But to Kari's family and friends I must say, more time waiting also means more time for Matt to tell lies and get caught up in his own webs of deceit even more than he has already. It's pretty pitiful on his end. I can't imagine his new attorney jumping on board this sinking ship for free. Do lawyers that lose cases write books?

suzie said...

This needs to be done right, not fast. I am sure the Dulins don't mind waiting a little longer for justice, if it means that more of the truth can be revealed. It saddens me, however, that the children are still with their father. I feel sure they aren't safe with him. I am hoping they have their own special guardian angel in their mother watching over them. I do hope the Dulins will be able to get custody of their granddaughters as soon as Baker is convicted (notice I didn't say IF).

Anonymous said...

The "medical examiner" with the conflicting schedule is obviously the person hired by the family. Matt's attorney will no doubt have his own expert witness to debunk what this "ME" has to say.

The poster, Suzie, shouldn't be sad that the girls are still with Matt. When you see them around town they look happy as can be. They love their father. Can anyone make a similar comment about their demeanor when with other relatives? An inquisitive public would like to know.

This delay offers another Christmas of joy and happiness with their father. And after the trial is over, there will be unlimited Christmas and other holidays for them to be together when Matt is found not guilty.

Shannon said...

The civil trial is where the Dulins had choices and power to hire experts. This is not the civil trial. It's criminal. Big league. The criminal trial is completely out of the hands of the Dulins and completely in the hands of the Criminal District Attorney's office. The District Attorney has done their independent investigations and believes whole-heartedly that Matt Baker is guilty of murdering Kari.....WITH malice aforethought. The District Attorney (not the Dulins) held the closed-door Grand Jury and the Grand Jury (not the Dulins) indicted Matt for murder. The District Attorney (not the Dulins) filed the arrest affidavit for murder. The District Attorney (not the Dulins) has brought Matt Baker to court for the felony of first degree murder. The District Attorney (not the Dulins) is in charge of this trial. That is a fairly straight forward and simple concept that seems to escape Mr. or Ms Anonymous.

And yes, the defense will have their experts. The Judge (McLennan County taxpayers) gave them a few bucks for that. He should have his experts and put on his case. Go for it. The truth is the truth....and justice will prevail.

Anonymous said...

Shannon, thanks for setting the record straight once again. All of us are so tired of seeing comments that villify the victims of Matt's treachery and try to make him sound like father of the year. He surely is not; far, far from it!!

Anonymous said...


Do you deny the Dulins hired their own "ME" to perform an autopsy? And do you deny the District Attorney can and will have this person testify?

Regarding Matt being 'father of the year' -- I think his daughters would vote for that title. If you do not live in Kerrville and observe their interactions, you cannot judge.

Shannon said...

Yes, of course, I deny the Dulins hired their own "ME" to perform the autopsy. Are you aware of how all that works? They didn't have the authority to exhume or hire an ME. All that was done by law enforcement at the request of the Justice of the Peace. And law enforcement and the Justice of the Peace wouldn't have done so without just cause and enough evidence to warrant it. As much as you want to pin this whole thing on the Dulins, it's just impossible. The Dulins NEVER paid for the services of any ME. Never.

You need to quit blaming the Dulins for Matt being indicted for first degree murder in this criminal case. There's only one person to blame. And you're either looking at him in the mirror or cooking his breakfast or talking to the person that cooks his breakfast.

Becky said...

You clueless anon person from September 8, 2009 9:11 AM. Of course, Kensi and Grace love their father. They have no idea who he really is. They loved their mother, too. The person responsible for their mother not being here gets no father of the year awards. His life is an act. He doesn’t have a conscience. He doesn’t know how to love. He took his daughters’ mother away from them. Then he attempted to wipe out all loving memories of her. How do I know? I saw him do this. So many of us, whose children went to Spring Valley with Kensi and Grace, saw his bizarre behavior. We heard his disrespectful and unloving words about the wife who had just died. We saw him parade the other woman around like a trophy. He was at the elementary school often, acting like a teenage boy with a crush that spring after Kari’s death. I don’t know who you are but you don’t speak with any real knowledge. You don’t speak with ANY knowledge. A trial will be held and the truth will come out. Those of us who knew BOTH Matt and Kari KNOW the truth.

Shannon said...

And I won't deny that Kari's loved ones and those that knew she did not take her own life fought for this and prayed for this. Yes, the Dulins hired investigators for their CIVIL trial.

But this is a CRIMINAL trial held by the District Attorney's office and they do their own investigations and examinations. Whatever is presented or done in that courtroom is the DA's doing. Their investigations have brought forth the evidence they will present. It's really not that hard to understand.

Anonymous said...

yes, most people know how the system works. the DA's office is handling the case now. however, it was pushed by the Dulins, private investigators hired by Dulins, their daughter's body exhumed because of their encouragment of HPD, their granddaughters know who the main force behind this really is, and yes they would probably vote their dad the dad of the year. would they vote the Dulin's the grandparents of the year. don't think so

Shannon said...

Yes, Anonymous, just as I said over and over. The Dulins hired people for their civil trial. This is not the civil trial.

Yes, the Dulins, family, friends and supporters prayed for and encouraged this case to have the bright lights of justice shone in on it. Isn't truth and justice what we are all after? Bring on the bright lights, then.

And, yes, the DA's office is handling it now. So quit going on about how the DA's experts and investigators are paid for and hired by the Dulins. You state the fact and then go on to contradict yourself.

The girls will soon know (if they don't already and are suppressing it in self-preservation mode) their Mother did not chose to leave them....that her live was stolen from her. It's probably easier for them to think the parent they are left with and is raising them is a safe and honest parent. But when Matt is no longer raising them, they will be free to know and embrace the truth about their Mom. They will be free to work their way out of the tangle of deceit Matt has surrounded them with since the very day after Kari was gone. The truth will be shocking, no doubt. But these 3-4 years will pale in comparison to the rest of their lives of truth and freedom. Let Matt feel like he's father of the year today. The Grandparents don't need to be Grandparents of the year this year. They will be Grandparents of a lifetime for those girls.

Anonymous said...

Is there a reason that you jump to the conclusion that the Dulins will be the grandparents that would raise the two precious girls? Why? Isn't there another set of grandparents that also have the love, skill, patience, and have been sharing some of the parenting role with their father during these past almost 4 years. It would appear that the girls would have a say with the judge. So, if the jury was to decide that Matt was guilty, then it would appear the girls are fairly settled in their local situation.

Shannon said...

Yes, there is a reason. Many reasons in fact.

Frank said...

to anon September 8, 2009 9:21 PM

And you think a judge will give Kari's daughters to the people who raised the man who murdered their mother? They did such a swell job the first time around.

Anonymous said...

Kari Baker lives in the spirit of her girls. Sometimes its in a smile, or a look or a laugh. She's there, there is no erasing her mark. Kari Baker is still there when her students overcome academic odds and when her friends can't see through the tears. She lives in the hearts of all of us who cherished her. I will proudly proclaim my honor and loyalty to Kari. Justice is coming soon.

Jill Hotz

Anonymous said...

Frank, you think a judge would decide that the parents of Matt did such a bad job of raising their son that they would not be given a chance to repeat their weakness with their grandchildren. IF Kari did choose to end her life, accidentally or with intention, then why would judge allow her parents a chance to repeat the way they raised their own daughter through their grandchildren?

Shannon said...

I'm not Frank but let's put the shoe on the other foot. When there is custody to be dealt with, that means that Matt was convicted of murder. With Matt a proven and convicted murderer, then why would a Judge allow his parents a chance to repeat the way they raised their own son through their grandchildren?

Carole said...

I am going to make a wild assumption that some of the negative anonymous posts on the postponement topic were made by the same person. Since when is the search for truth and justice a bad thing? Here is a newsflash for you anonymous--everything that has happened to Matt regarding Kari’s death is because many people, not just Kari’s family, think something is very wrong with Matt’s story. Read and remember this . . . it is impossible to get indicted without cause. You, Anonymous, need to get hold of yourself and stop posting comments that make it appear as if you’ve been living in a news vacuum for the last 3 years.

Sadie said...

Umm.. "Anonymous," is it possible that you could be genuinely unaware of the volumes that are being revealed about you in your awkward posts in this place full of love and passion for Kari and her daughters? We all see you clearly, you know. And it is not a pretty sight.

What is wrong with you? Are you really so small and clueless as to view this as some kind of "contest" between Kari's murderer and Kari's parents, with the prize being the loyalty of her daughters?! Or trying to trade on the girls' tragically misplaced, manipulated tender emotions to claim that if they love their father, then he must be a good person?? Shame on you for continuing to use these precious girls in this despicable manner in a public forum.

This is a murder case, Anonymous. A murder case. Not a custody case. Not a popularity contest. A murder case.

This is about justice, not about the killer's impressive ability to lie to and brainwash his own parents and his children.

Ask yourself: Why all these sickening, strenuous proclamations about how "happy" Kari's daughters seem under the sway of their lying, murdering father? His ability to twist the minds of his trusting, impressionable children is proof of nothing but the extent of his willingness to harm others for his own evil ends. It seems that everyone but you gets this.

Jim Jones’s poor, deluded followers loved him, too. They called him “father.” He would certainly have been their vote for “father of the year.” But see, they never got a chance to vote. Because they, too, had been poisoned by their murderous "father" against their concerned loved ones who tried to save them. They swallowed the poison willingly, led to believe it was love and truth. And it was nothing but horrible death.

Charles Manson’s “family” called him “father,” too. He taught them to reject the concerns of their frantic loved ones. He sold them on HIS special brand of “love” and poison. And we all know how that turned out…

Matt Baker killed Kari Dulin in cold blood. He cheats. He lies. He hides. He smears her name and taints her memory. He steals the girls' love for their mother and Kari's parents, and replaces it with poisonous brainwashing, which recklessly harms them beyond measure and benefits only himself.

If it hisses like a snake, it is probably a snake.

You’re hissing, Anonymous. Slither back from wherever you crawled out from. Stay in your dark place until after Christmas when long-awaited justice will finally come knocking on a certain Kerrville door, bearing with it the illuminating brightness of the truth.


Anonymous said...

Sadie, your eloquence in so perfectly summarizing the situation and capturing my sentiments--and surely those of all sane-thinkers who read this blog--is refreshing and encouraging. THANK YOU!!! I hope your crystal-clear words penetrate the murky shield "anonymous" has erected that seems to prevent the truth from being internalized.