Thursday, May 28, 2009

48 Hours Update

48 Hours will be airing an update on the Baker case June 9, Tuesday, from 9-10 pm. Be sure to tune in! 48 Hours has really done their homework and they have traveled to Waco several times to keep personally up to date.
CLARIFICATION: They will re-air "The Preacher's Wife" that was on 48 Hours last year and then follow up with info and footage of Matt's arrest, arraignment, indictment and other recent events in the case.


Anonymous said...

That time is Waco, Texas time: Central Standard Time.

Anonymous said...

Shannon, thank you so much for keeping us all informed. We will be sure to watch it. Those folks have earned our respect with their diligence and factual reporting of the case.

Shannon said...

Yes, thank you for clarifying! That is 9-10pm Central Standard Time. ;)

Linda said...

Yesterday evening I was driving home and saw another JFK bumper sticker on a small goldish pick-up (I don't know makes/models, much to my husband's dismay :)). It makes my heart soar when I see people caring so much. In large part, my family has been carried these three years by people who cared...people who had nothing to gain...just good people wanting to help. Thank you and bless you.

Lindsey said...

That is crazy, because in just 2 days, I have seen 3 JFK stickers and I have no idea who these people are. I just want to honk, pull them over, and give them hug and just say "Thank You."

So many people loved my cousin! What an inspiration!


Casey R said...

I saw the clip on TV for this show. I saw the first one and I will watch this update. the clip had that girl he assaulted from Baylor, Laura. I think she is just so very brave to speak up as she has done. I read her interview in "Texas Monthly" and also saw her on 20/20. As I have followed this case almost since the beginning (thanks in part to your blog), I am amazed at how a FEW (and I believe only a few) people still think M Baker is the innocent precher. The frst thing I would like to say to them is "how do you explain all of these women over the years who have no connection to each other and all claim he made inappropriate advances?" True, this doesn't show murder but it does show that he lies, covers up lies and engages in illegal conduct (the case with Laura was sexual assualt). Baker isn't who he says he is!!! What a tragedy this all is. He has no business raising Kari's daughters.

So, my hat is off to you, Laura (if you read this blog). What a lesson you are giving to young women everywhere: Never be afraid of the truth!

I have so much admiration for you, Shannon. I hope if I am ever in need of a friend, I will have one as firecely loyal as you. You fight for the truth!

And to the Dulin family, your justice is coming soon. I hope you will be able to get your granddaughters the help they need to overcome the pain and tragedy they have experienced. God bless.
Casey R

Anonymous said...

Something that has always bugged me about matt’s story. Why does Matt say he kept the gas station and movie rental receipts? I remember early on reading that he had them. Why? Unless someone was trying to make and later prove an alibi…what would be the motivation to keep these? He kept very little of his wife’s belongings according to the family. He threw away her books, a lot of her clothes, many of her things her things...yet months later he still had the gas receipt? I wish he would answer that