Friday, April 24, 2009

Things get cheek-y....

Long...but interesting morning. The hearing ran about an hour or hour and a half late due to another trial running late in the courtroom. Matt was there with his Mom in tow. Kari's family was there. News from the Waco Tribune, KWTX and KXXV were present. We all waited outside the courtroom for a while. But once we were in, things went quickly.

Defense Motion #1: Suppress having to give DNA

Defense Motion #2: Wanted to get their hands on Vanessa's "OMG" Grand Jury testimony

Defense Motion #3: Wanted to get their hands on psychiatrist Lee Carter's stuff

My layman's interpretation:

It's possible that the defense knew the DNA sample would be taken eventually. They were just banking on having to force a search warrant to get it. I have heard (not verified) that the search warrant comes with the reasons for the DNA sample. They didn't want to give it without knowing the damning tale the search warrant would reveal. If you're innocent, why worry about damning evidence?

Whatever Vanessa told the Grand Jury last month, it was damning enough to warrant immunity for herself....damning enough to warrant an IMMEDIATE indictment and arrest warrant. Maybe damning enough to warrant a DNA sample? Who knows. Even though Ellison said something about a finding from some court somewhere this week that said something about Grand Jury testimony being released, I think the Judge realized it was a ploy and that case had NOTHING to do with this case. Nothing.

Defense brought up something about psychiatrist Lee Carter's findings. Wanted that. Uh, that's civil work. This is a criminal case. The Judge seemed to fight crossing his eyes. (<----totally my interpretation....not mind reading) Either which way, Carter's findings won't help Matt at all. It's actually hurtful to Matt. Does Ellison know what Carter said? Anyway, long story short.....Ellison and Matt were stunned. The Judge graciously provided the break room right off the courtoom for Matt to submit his DNA sample. Priceless.

Here is the news so far from today: Awesome live blog from today's hearing NEW VIDEO: Live blog: April 24 hearing for Matt Baker
Ken Sury

"12:06 p.m. — My apologies for the brief break in blogging, but I had to leave the breakroom as Baker, his attorney, prosecutor Susan Shafer, bailiffs and another individual came into the room in order to take Baker’s DNA sample. I’m assuming it was the usual swab of the inside of each cheek." (read more)

Judge Grants Request For DNA Sample From Waco-Area Pastor Matt Baker

"WACO (April 24, 2009)—Prosecutors got permission Friday to take a DNA sample as a motions hearing got underway late Friday morning in state district court for former Waco-area pastor Matt Baker, who’s charged with murder in the 2006 death
of his wife, Kari." (read more)

Matt Baker gives DNA sample
Sara Talbert

"Baker's attorney also filed two new procedural motions this morning in case Baker is convicted. One would allow the possibility of probation, and the other requesting punishment be decided by a jury. Strother will set another hearing to decide on those." (read more)

VERY INTERESTING. Matt's attorney is already seeing a conviction. Hmmmmm........

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