Thursday, March 26, 2009

Vanessa - Powerful Testimony

Former Waco-area pastor indicted on murder charge in wife's death
Tommy Witherspoon -

Here is a snippet of today's article by Tommy about yesterday's testimony and indictment. Wow.
"On Wednesday, Long and Shafer escorted Bulls into the grand jury chambers, where she testified for about 30 minutes. That was after 54th State District Judge Matt Johnson granted her immunity from any legal repercussions that might come from her testimony, courthouse sources said."
Whatever that woman had to say must have been HUGE......DAMNING, in fact. For both of them. It's all confidential right now. But like all the other evidence, will come out soon. Thank God that Vanessa told what she knew. It's certainly time.


Washington State said...

I do not know you, nor have I ever seen your face.
However, I have prayed for you and will continue to do so.

sadie said...

For Vanessa,

Although the truth cannot bring Kari back, it can help to set things right. Your voice has been heard as the wheels of justice again begin to roll.

Thank you for your testimony and courage. Many people are praying for you and your daughter. May you find strength and healing in the truth.