Friday, December 26, 2008

A Recent Comment...

Just wanted to highlight a recent comment:

To friend in Dallas:
Matt has been losing jobs for many years. If mr. Baker (sorry. can't call him pastor) had such a great relationship at the church where he was a pastor in Dallas, why did his first (in a long line) attorneys threaten to sue that church (and I am betting this letter went to other churches too) if they gave out any information about him? Now you know why I won't leave my name here. This information isn't known by many but it can be confirmed. I was a member at that church.

He was fired at our church. First we reduced his salary to try and push him out. It was a painful experience with him. In fact, the only bright light in his time at our church WAS Kari. We loved her.It makes me so very sad for kensi and Grace. I knew them well and loved them through the children's programs. Kari loved matt and stood by him through the many problems he had at our church. Look how he repayed her. Pure evil resides in some people.

Kari was a teacher at an elementary school in Richardson ISD, and she was loved. In fact, there is a brick in her memory there from Dallas friends. People were drawn to Kari. Matt never had that impact on people, In fact it was just the opposite.

To the people in Kerrville: be careful. he is not who he pretends to be. I know.


suzie said...

MB's lies are pretty laughable if they wasn't so much tragedy surrounding all of this. Does he think he is so much smarter than everyone else that he won't be called on these lies? I guess getting away with being a sexual predator all these years made him think he could get away with just about anything. WRONG.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! To justice in 2009!

Anonymous said...

Here!! Here!!


Anonymous said...

thank you for keeping us up on everything. I have been to your site many times but have never written anything. I knew kari and Adam (Kari's brother) when they were in Gatesville. Mrs. Dulin was my teacher in high school before she began teaching in college. This all makes me so sad. I KNOW Kari didn't take her life. What litle I have have read and seen in the media makes that clear. I can only imagine how much more will come out in the trial.

I believe with everything in my heart that evil will not win as long as good people keep fighting for the truth. Continue to keep fighting, Shannon, and let the Dulin's know that so many people want to see justice for Kari and her daughters.


tired of waiting and pretty dang curious said...

Any date on the trial? It is time for justice.
tired of waiting and pretty dang curious

PS: Matt or his supporters--Will you respond on this blog and explain why you are working so hard to keep this case from going to trial? Don't you want a chance to clear your name?

Eyes for Lies said...

I can tell you that I personally don't trust Matt. His emotions don't seem to match his words, and he wants everyone to believe he is the honest one while the rest of the world is lying, which is absolutely ridiculous. He wants everyone to believe the "world" is out to get him, the preacher. How ironic is that?

More than that, when someone wants you to believe they had strange things happen to them that are one-in-a-million odds, and these unrealistic odds continue to keep happening over and over again, it's a huge red flag that something isn't right. It likely means there is more to the story than what is evident, and Matt's situation is definitely one of these!

I worry about the children in his care right now. May the truth prevail and justice come swiftly!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Eyes.....there are so many red flags. Soon the Judge and jury will hear all about them.

God bless.