Friday, April 11, 2008

No Man is an Island

I totally stole that title from a fellow blogger and personal friend. She used it in a post she wrote about Kari a while back and it's just a perfect title for this post where I want to share with you some of her thoughts. I checked her blog today and she had this to say:

Speaking of things you know will someday be in the national news, on Oprah or made into a Lifetime movie... I distinctly remember two years ago this last week sitting in my garage on the phone with a PTA friend. I was outside because I did not want Kolby to hear what we were saying. We were talking about the death of a teacher from Kolby's school that had occurred the day before. It had been ruled a suicide but there were LOUD grumbles and well founded suspicions that that was not the case. Things just did not seem to add up. We were talking about all the reasons why we just could not believe this woman had killed herself. "If it ever comes out that she did not do this to herself it could be some big national story like you see on Dateline... and you and I will remember this talk," we said. Well, it did. And, we do. (see former posts *here, here, here, and here) Sadly the wheels of justice turn very slowly in our little part of the world. I pray for this woman's family every night and can't imagine how hard this is for them! Another friend of mine does a GREAT job of keeping us all up to date on what is going on with this case. You can find her blog here.

*Click here to go to Stephanie's blog and view these posts. (about middle of posting)

Now a portion from her post dated 4-10-06 with the title, No Man is an Island....

No matter what the reason, two little girls woke up to bury their Mommy today. A room full of third graders went to school this morning knowing they will never see their teacher again. A team of teachers rushed to get a substitute ready to finish out the year as they battle their own emotions at loosing their friend. Administrators and counselors took their places and prayed they can help everyone through this tragedy as well as possible. Parents took their kids to school with heavy hearts and a lump in their throat. I know I have hugged my kids a lot tighter since Saturday. This just isn't supposed to happen.

No, things like this aren't supposed to happen. So many, many lives were touched, changed, scarred and permanently affected from the actions of that day. One random act of kindness touches many and it's a beautiful thing. One horrible act of malice touches many. Too many. And for too long.

Anyway, thank you Stephanie for your thoughts about Kari. I know everyone appreciates your love and support!


KMF said...

The number of people who support justice for Kari and justice for her family is incredible. What I keep reading and hearing over and over is that no one really believed, after they had time to process what happened, that Kari would have taken her own life.The other thing I find very interesting is that those who knew Matt as an adult COULD believe he was capable of such a hideous act. I know quite a few people who work at the last place he worked at in Waco (I don't want to name the place). I am amazed at the numbers of people who believe he is capable of doing the unthinkable. I can't bring myself to say it.

I pray for the victims, especially Kari's daughters. Let there be justice.

Anonymous said...

You are correct in your impressions.