Sunday, April 13, 2008


A couple of weeks ago I asked Kari's family if it would be okay if I ordered some bumper stickers or something......Found out a sweet friend of the family was already on it. THANK YOU!

If you would like "JUSTICE FOR KARI," just let me know. I have been given a P.O.Box address that you can send a self-addressed-stamped-envelope to and they will quickly send you your own be displayed prominently wherever you choose. Let me just say....these are cool stickers. They are "Zip-Strips" which are self-adhesive AND removable. Trust me....took me a few times to get it straight tonight and it was very easy to take off and re-affix.

Anyway, here's mine and another one I caught sight of today.....

You can send your SASE to:
Justice For Kari
P.O. Box 1536
Hewitt, TX 76643
It will be folded in half, but it should come out fine. Also, if you see me out and about, I will keep some in my vehicle and you can get them from me.
* Please email me a pic of your displayed sticker. ;)

A few pics sent to me today...


Anonymous said...

Justice will prevail. The truth can't be hidden...not when there are good people who refuse to quit fighting for justice!

Susan said...

I listened to the 911 call yesterday. The lack of emotion in his voice is chilling.
I linked to you from Stephanie, who first mentioned this story to me. So very sad.