Tuesday, February 26, 2008

From the TM comments today:

Anonymous said...
I think it's funny that ever since texas monthly called the blog dontevengetstarted.com" a gossip site that has lots of angry postings shannon gamble has now put up several "MEMORY" headlines to deceive what new bloggers to the site think about it. If you look at the angry postings and how there was only one "MEMORY" headline until the TM article came out and now lo and behold there are 3 in less than a week???The site was NOT a site for memories before and is not now, no matter what that so called "internet sleuth" says. She needs to get herself either a job or a hobby, raising her kids would be a good place to start.
February 26, 2008 5:46 PM

GoodLordaMercy. Now, I'm the "deceiver." That's almost humorous. Here's my response:
Shannon said...
1) There was more than one memory on the blog before TM hit the stands. Read.
2) Think about it. TM hits the stands. Hundreds of new visitors to the blog. Some new visitors left a memory. I decide to post the memories so they aren't missed by being lost in a comment area somewhere. I don't think that's hard to understand. Does it bother you to read about Kari's friendships?
3) I've explained myself on the blog...why I started it and why I continued it. You can say, think and feel whatever you want about it. It doesn't change the truth at all.
4) I do have hobbies. One of them is fighting for justice for a murdered friend.

God bless!


4truth said...

You go, Shannon the blogger!!

Anonymous said...

I'll second that! You are loved all across Texas for taking a stand on the side of JUSTICE for Kari.

Truth's Boots

Shannon said...

This person left a further comment on TM and I responded again. I'm going to just C&P those here in the comment area and not make another post on it now. The focus of the case, the TM article and this blog is NOT ON ME. I think this person is seriously trying to deflect something.

Anonymous said...
Sorry, Shannon, I have to disagree with your idea as to this being a "Memory" site. It might have begun as one, but it quickly became a "Bash" site. It still appears to be more of a bash site. Yes, since Texas Monthly ran their article, you have felt the need to go more with memories. Your intent still shines thru.
February 26, 2008 8:15 PM

Shannon said...
As I've said several times, I started the blog as a way to keep all the news and links to what was going on with this case in one place for my benefit and to share with those around me that were asking for updates. Then for cathartic reasons, I added some of my memories and those of my son. (And yes, those memories are limited as Kari's presence in our personal lives was cut short.) Then as people stumbled upon it, the site became a place not only of information and news but also of support for Kari's friends and family and for those that believed justice needed to be fought for. Some others left comments with their memories. I continued to keep up and post the news as it came out and that news is discussed.

It is a site in support of KARI and justice for KARI. I post all the news I find. Yes, the comments and support on the site are heavily in favor of Kari. THAT'S basically the intent. And for the record, I get PLENTY of comments and emails "bashing" Matt that I don't let through. They are too, too strong and they come from cities and states all over. It could be more of a "bashing" site if that were my intent.

So you keep referring to the blog as simply intended and claiming to be a "Memory" site. That's not what I said was the intent. That was just one facet of the whole thing. And yes, there are more memories coming in as there is much more traffic on the blog. I have put the last few memories into posts of their own so they are not missed by simply being tucked away in a comment area somewhere. I don't know wny having these memories shared and highlighted bothers you so. Everyone else has rathered enjoyed them.

Lastly, your attempts at word-twisting.....well, YOUR intent shines through. The focus of this whole thing is not the blog or me. So let's put the true focus back in the spotlight.
February 27, 2008 5:31 AM

Yes, I'm wordy. Don't even get me started.....

SG said...

I thought it was funny that TM said Kari skipped across the lunch room to entertain her students??? I think they mis-read your story about the TAKS results for bro.

At first I thought the article was being unfair to the Dulins but in the end, it came out OK.

Still I don't know how anyone could believe Matt. I can see being falsely accused once... But five times? By different women? Doubt it. I pray there will be enough hard evidence to convict him of what he did to Kari. Or maybe atleast to convict him of some of these past sexual misconduct issues. I guess Matt got away with so many things so many times that he thought this would be no different.

Thanks for helping make that difference. Thanks for taking a stand Shannon. I know it's hard on you in ways with the TM article and all.
AND if anyone wonders... Shannon is a great Mom! She always has been. I have seen it first hand. So don't make anymore comments about her mothering or her need for hobbies... She is doing just fine thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, SG. ;)
Sorry it took so long to get your comment up. I was out of town from last Wednesday until yesterday. I hope everyone has been okay.


Anonymous said...

Here's my thoughts...consider them if you wish. I didn't know Matt or Kari, but understand they were both professing to be Christians. Suicide to a Christian is believed and considered to be blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, and thus in Jesus' own words, (Mark 3:28-29) the only unpardonable sin; condemning one's own soul. Why would Kari have done that, knowing that her daughter who left here at the age of two would be in Abraham's bosom and not on the other side of the great gulf as described by Jesus in Luke 16:22-26? And Matt, having professed faith in Jesus, but also being a man of God could very well have considered the same verse (Mark 3:28) in thinking that nothing he does short of Mark 3:29 would result in damnation for his soul. Just a thought. Jeff

huney7bear said...

Shannon, you should be commended on everything you are doing here for Kari... You haven't done this for anyone by Kari, and I know that she knows everything that you are doing and that she is looking down knowing that someday soon justice for Kari will happen.
JUSTICE for KARI is the most important thing in the world.
God bless you!

Anonymous said...

I hope that huney7bear's form of religion is not what we have to look forward to. IF Kari can look back to this side of her past and see all of the pain that is still present, then how would she be able to enjoy the child(ren) that she has there? Would she spend time missing the ones that are here? I agree that justice is the real desire. God's justice. Justice for all. Everyone will face a judgement day and hear their own justice. Kari has already heard hers, but all that are here still has that day to face. Justice for Kari is important. Justice for everyone is more important.

Shannon said...

Oh, my word, Anonymous 1:44. People have used phrases like, "I know your loved one is looking down on you and smiling" or "I know what you are doing with your life would make your Mother so proud" or statements about guardian angels. People have made statements like these for ages. It's not particularly meant as a profound, philosophical, theological certain fact. It's a statement made to give someone support and hope and encouragement. None of us know for sure exactly what happens after we pass. But we can comfort one another by basically saying that we'd think the loved one already gone would be pleased. That's all she was saying. If that's all you have to pick on, I'd say we're all doing alright here. God bless.

huney7bear said...

Anonymous you ask about my religion? Yes i have a religion and I believe in GOD! I also believe that what goes around comes around. I am not letting my religion totally influence my views. I believe with the evidence that they have MATT is guilty!!! THat is my opinion. We all know about opinions and how everyone has one. Well take your opinion and believe what you will but by the proponderence of the evidence I believe his is guilty and I hope to GOD he gets his just desserts and that the "children" don't have to suffer with living a life with a liar and murderer for a father and that they learn the truth.THe truth may hurt but I would rather know the truth than be lied to everyday of my life by someone that can lie and keep a straightface while doing it!!!!