Monday, October 1, 2007

Matt's back...

(October 1, 2007)--Former Central Texas minister Matt Baker who surrendered to Kerr County authorities after Texas Rangers went to arrest him on Sept. 21 on a murder warrant in the 2006 death of his 31-year-old wife Kari Lynn Baker, was transferred Monday to the McLennan County Jail.



Anonymous said...

Watch for new mugshots today. He got to McLennan County Jail late afternoon, yesterday. Will probably be assigned an attorney...His civil case lawyers don't seem too eager to represent him in a criminal case.

Anonymous said...

Will do. If you see them before I do, send them my way. I'll make good use of them. ;)

I can't imagine his attorneys wanting to continue on with this as a criminal case, but you never know. We know one of them and we're still shocked that he's defended Matt at all. But that's what defense lawyers do. I understand that. But I can't imagine defending and trying to "get off" pure evil as we seem to see around us day in and day out. Hard job to sleep at night, I'll bet.


Anonymous said...

It is my understanding that the attorneys both wanted to continue, but were asked to step away, as per an inside court person. One of the attorneys had even been appointed by the court to represent MB, until a more experienced attorney volunteered.